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Wealthy Affiliate FREE Training Starter Membership is available to all FREE members of Wealthy Affiliate at the WA website.

We recommend that if you join Wealthy Affiliate that you do not immediately take up their $19 Starter Membership Fee.  This Price will be available to you whenever you join Wealthy Affiliate Premium Services at whatever later date.  We highly recommend WA training and want you to get the maximum benefit as a free WA member BEFORE you even consider handing over any cash!! 

Once you take up WA Premium Membership you can never go back to free membership there again & may lose any commercial sites you have hosted there if you don’t know how to transfer sites to a new hosting company!!

Global Homeworkers Club are entirely independent of Wealthy Affiliate.  Our training is based upon our own 35 years experience & expertise in WordPress Blogging Systems, Shopping Cart Systems & use of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership platform.


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Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started OutlineSee our Member Training Outline below for details of the training & amazing benefits you will receive as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.  All WA members who join with us will automatically receive all the benefits of Global Homeworkers Club membership!

If you want to become a professional entrepreneur then you’ll need to know just how the BIG FOLKS do things.  

Wealthy Affiliate Training Getting Started Courses

Global Homeworkers Club WA Getting Started

Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started Lessons Included


Join us here at Global Homeworkers Club then pop over to Wealthy Affiliate & Join WA now.  Global Homeworkers Club training is done in conjunction with the brilliant & reliable training Wealthy Affiliate provide.

In addition to WA training we offer our services and personal 1 to 1 training here at Global Homeworkers Club.  Together we take affiliate marketing training to incredible new dimensions.  We’ll have you up & running as an expert affiliate marketer as soon as your ready

Premium Services Tailored To Suit You.

The following Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member Training pages are available to all Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate at the WA site.

Our l LIVE 1 to 1 training with Global Homeworkers Club Premium Members is based upon the use of Facebook Messenger LIVE CHAT facilities and our own Chatter-Box LIVE CHAT platform here at Global Homeworkers Club.

Global Homeworkers Club PREMIUM Members will receive personal 1 to 1 LIVE training where our training will additionally be based upon the training available to Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate as outlined below.

Should you wish to become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you will have direct access to the training outlined below at Wealthy Affiliate & here.  This will allow you to continue any expert training and give you LIVE CHAT support over at Wealthy Affiliate should all our training staff be engaged at that time.

All Global Homeworkers Club Free members will receive any advice, tips or support they may need from the training below as soon as an adviser is free.  

Global Homeworkers Club Premium Members will receive Chatter-Box LIVE CHAT support during live training with us at arranged times, or when an adviser is available.

Premium members of both Global Homeworkers Club & Wealthy Affiliate will have the added bonus of direct access to ALL Wealthy Affiliate training materials PLUS our 35 years expert experience helping you with with 1 to 1 training & support.

1 to 1 LIVE Training With Global Homeworkers Club is FREE to ALL Global Homeworkers Club members who are also Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members who join WA under our in house training program here!!

Bootcamp Pt: 1Bootcamp Pt: 2Bootcamp Pt: 3Bootcamp Pt: 4Bootcamp Pt: 5Bootcamp Pt: 6Bootcamp Pt: 7

Global Homeworkers Club WA Getting Rolling

WA Bootcamp Overview

WA Bootcamp level 1 Outcomes

Global Homeworkers Club WA Bootcamp Phase 2WA Bootcamp Level 2 overviewWA Bootcamp level 2 Outcomes

Global Homeworkers Club WA Bootcamp Phase 3

WA Bootcamp Level 3 overviewWA Bootcamp level 3 Outcomes

Global Homeworkers Club WA Bootcamp Phase 4WA Bootcamp Level 4 overviewWA Bootcamp level 4 Outcomes

Global Homeworkers Club WA Bootcamp Phase 5

WA Bootcamp Level 5 overview

WA Bootcamp level 5 Outcomes

Global Homeworkers Club WA Bootcamp Phase 6

WA Bootcamp Level 6 overview

WA Bootcamp level 6 Outcomes

Global Homeworkers Club WA Bootcamp Phase 7

WA Bootcamp Level 7 overview

WA Bootcamp level 7 Outcomes

As the can now see – the benefits of joining Global Homeworkers Club & Wealthy Affiliate are absolutely huge.  Let us together give your new online business the best chance of success you will ever, ever have.

Join us here at Global Homeworkers Club & at Wealthy Affiliate where you can see us in action for yourselves.

You know it makes sense!!


Global Homeworkers Club Landing Page


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If you have and comments or queries just get in touch using Contact Us page on this site.

We look forward to hearing from you & any success stories you may wish to share with our members.


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  • Dee says:

    Global Homeworkers Club sounds like such a great concept! Nice job on all the information and I especially like your links above for each phase of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp so that we can see all the training that is included. Very informative website.

  • Katie says:

    Very good way to access some free training gives you a chance to see if building an online business is for you it is also great to learn new skills if your looking for work in this field, this is a great wee club

    • says:

      Hiya, Katie – you’ve raised a very good point that hadn’t actually occurred to me – thanks!

      Will be using YouTube LIVEStream as it has all that’s needed – live chat for Q & A as we go along. Hope to see you there – but videos will be on YouTube later for anyone busy to see later.

      All the best from sunny old, funny old Brighton – Andre

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