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How To Install WordPress At Namecheap


Today we’re going to show you how you can install WordPress onto your new or existing domain hosted by

We will be showing you how to use the WordPress apps installer and namecheap  so you get the WordPress blogging engine installed on your domain.


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Namecheap cPanel

The first thing you will need to do is to log in to your cPanel account at namecheap.  If you are unsure where your cPanel is or how to access this you will find the links in the introduction email you received from namecheap when you purchased your initial namecheap hosting plan.

Once you have logged into cPanel you will need to use the Softaculous Apps Installer using the option at the upper left hand side as your screen as below:


namecheap cPanel


Once the Softaculous Apps Installer has been loaded you will see the following screen:


Softaculous Apps Installer Main Page


As you can see from the image of the Softaculous Apps Installer Dashboard, WordPress has its’ own section with the large blue WordPress logo above.  This is the automated installer for WordPress at namecheap and makes life so much easier than the alternative which is using an FTP ( File Transfer Protocol) file uploader such as Filezilla.


Download Filezilla

If you prefer to use Filezilla you can download your own copy here.

Select the WordPress tab and the INSTALL button as below – the WordPress tab will change as you hover over it to display the INSTALL button.


WordPress Softaculous App


You will now see the following WordPress Software Installer Page displayed.


WordPress Software Setup Page


From this point on we need to take great care so that we install WordPress onto the correct domain of your choosing, making sure we use the SSL for your domain if it is installed.  To change from standard (non-secure) page type (http://) to secure SLL protected domain type (https://) we use the item from the Choose Protocal drop down box as below:


WordPress Installer Choose Protocol

Installing WordPress

Now we will be installing WordPress onto a non-secured (http://) type domain so we have chosen the http:// option in blue above.

Not we select the domain onto which we wish to install WordPres from the drop down menu ass below:


WordPress Choose Domain


Now you can set the site name and a brief site description into the Site Settings area.

These will be displayed on your site if no logo picture is used and can be perfect to show your visitors what your site is about.

Here at GlobalHomeworkers.Club our site name is Global Homeworkers Club and our site description is …bringing your dreams to life.  So here you may be able to see how a tag or slogan can be used to assist your visitors’ experience of your site.

Next we set the Admin Account details with the Admin username – which can be any name of your choice.  

After that we need the user’s password and the email address for which is used to send you a record of the WordPress installation details all Softaculous Apps you have installed.

If your site is in English we next need to scroll down past the Language and Advanced Options areas to the following section where we can select an initial layout template for your site.  Don’t worry too much about your template at this point as we can simply change any template at any later time.  

We will be using the WRITEE template for initial setup.  If you wish you can use the arrows at the lower section to move the list of templates left or right to select a different theme.


WordPress Select Theme


When you are happy with your selection you may enter an email address for which the installation details can be sent to in order to give you an email containing the links to your new WordPress domain and the WordPress Dashboard Admin area for your site.

Once all is ready simply press the blue INSTALL button at the foot of the page and WordPress will be off and installing.  

This may take a few moments so don’t close your browser until the job is completed or you may have to start all over again.  This will not be a problem as you have nothing on your site yet but it means another few minutes extra work.

While WordPress is installing you will see the following:


WordPress Checking Submitted Data


Should any problems arise just go back up the page and make sure you have set up everything correctly and try again – once the WordPress installation has finished you will see the following page giving you the links to your main site and to your admin dashboard:


WordPress Successful Installation


Summing It All Up

Congratulations – That’s it.  WordPress is now installed on your new site and all ready for you to start the serious business of uploading the information to your website.


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