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Bitcoin Prices – They Could Reach $500,000 By 2030

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Is Bitcoin Safe?

Today people have become immune to this type of problem as they start to hold their Bitcoin off-line, either on USB Wallets, paper Bitcoin receipts or simply held in a desktop wallet such as Armory.  The ability to store Bitcoin off-line and away from anything connected to the internet is vital.  

Huge investment companies, and even governments, are grabbing Bitcoin by the bucket load as a safeguard against regular currency devaluations especially in a world where BREXIT (we love BREXIT), could cause major and significant financial disasters if not handled with extreme care.

Price of Bitcoin

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To date the price of Bitcoin continues to rise considerably.  

The rate of increase is greater than analysts & investors had thought, now far exceeding this $500,000 estimate.

It’s now reasonably estimated that price for one Bitcoin may even reach $1,000,000


Is Bitcoin The Future Of Money?

As a result of the advances in Bitcoin use across the globe investors like Richard Branson, or VIRGIN fame are piling millions of dollars into Bitcoin Technology & websites.  From ATM systems that NOW accept VISA & MasterCard debit cards to online Bitcoin currecny exchanges – the cash is rolling in & Bitcoin certainly is the future of money.



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