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How To Buy A Domain

In this article we will be showing you How To Buy A Domain & host it on the namecheap Linux hosting platform.  

If you have already bought your own website please continue to either of our sections below:


How To Host Your Domain

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We always use a brilliant website domain registration and hosting company called namecheap as we have repeatedly found to be among the cheapest but best hosting sites online with excellent 24/7 live chat support should it be needed.

Login to your namecheap account.  If you do not yet have an account at namecheap you will need to register for an account before continuing further.  

This can be done using the link here.

What is a domain?

A domain is simply the technical term for any website address.  You can see the website address (domain name) of any website by checking the address bar at the top of your internet browser.


Global Homeworkers Club Address Bar Domain Name


All domains (website names) begin with either http:// or https:// with the difference being that https:// has highly secured data and all information at those sites are safe and secure.

We will be covering how to secure your domain with an SSL certificate in a future article.

When you buy any website address (domain) it will automatically be added to the central website name register, usually called the DNS register, so that no-one else can buy this address until you decide you need it no more.

In effect – the domain name you choose is the name of your online company site just as with any registered company anywhere.


How To Buy A Domain

We highly recommend that you buy your domain your new website name from as we have always found them to be highly placed among the least expensive and best supported domains around.

To buy any domain at you will need to visit their Domain Registration Page HERE.

To demonstrate how to buy a website domain we are going to buy a new website domain which we will call MyNewWebsite.  This is a super simple task and takes no more than 5 minutes normally.


Registering A New Domain

While at the namecheap domain registration page simply type in the name of the website you wish to buy the name for as below.  

Then press the red SEARCH button to get a full list of types of domain (.com .org. net) that you can select from.  

If you already know that you wish to use a .com or .org site then simply add the suffix (.c0m/.org) of your choice when your first enter your chosen website name (MyNewWebsite.COM or .ORG, etc – caps not required).


Register MyNewWebsite at namecheap


You will now be taken to a list off possible domain names that you can select from as below.

The search engine used at namecheap may automatically select an obvious choice for you but you do now have to choose the selected option.

Register MyNewWebsite site type selection 01


For purposes of demonstration we will be using an option further down the page so that our website is a .SHOP site and will have the website address of as below.


Register MyNewWebsite site type selection 02


Each possible website type selection (.shop, .design) will display the current price to you for the first year of registration for this new website.  Beneath this will be the cost to you for subsequent years for renewal of your domain name.

Added to the cost of website name purchase will be a small ICANN fee.  The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN charges a mandatory annual fee of $0.18 for each year of domain registration, renewal or transfer.

It is now a simple task to go to the checkout area of to confirm your purchase. You should shortly afterwards receive an email confirming registration of your new website – THIS CAN TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS but is usually just a few minutes.


Summing It All Up

Congratulations – That’s it.  You have now registered your new website name and are all ready to start the next phase where your website becomes visible to visitors on the ‘Internet High Street’.

As you may now realise, registering a domain name so that the name of a website becomes your property is a very simple job.

Once you’ve decided the name you wish to use for your website and have chosen the type of website (.com/.net/etc) your new website will be legally registered in your name and becomes your property until your either grant ownership to some-one else or you discontinue with future annual registration for your site.



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