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Traffic Exchanges – How To Use Them To Test Landing Pages

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Hello & welcome, fellow inmates!!  

In this article Traffic Exchanges – How To Use Them To Test Landing Pages we’ll be discovering a really cool way to use traffic exchanges to your advantage.

We’ll be showing you how to test your adverts using landing pages so your testing saves you advertising money!!

We’re also going to be taking a closer look at traffic exchanges – where surfers look at ads for between 3 -20 seconds at a time and earn credits to display their own ads plus a small amount of cash.



You can see examples of the type of landing pages we’re testing at the top & foot of this post – together with links to the landing pages themselves for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY


We’ll be covering:

  • Who Traffic Exchange Surfers Are
  • How To Target Traffic Exchange Members
  • Testing Our Advertising
  • Testing signup methods
  • Use of Mixed Stats Analysis



Traffic Exchanges to Test Advertising

We use traffic exchanges in the harshest of environments – and so we’ve launched a brand new series of landing page ads – each specifically designed to test an individual feature, in this case:


How Many New Members Can We Get To Our Club?


We have today actively started testing 3 different landing pages – like the one above – to see how much reaction we get across 100s of different traffic exchanges.

By doing this at traffic exchanges we will soon be able to tailor our landing pages & texts when using the best advertising methods – Facebook, GoogleAds & BingAds & Paid Advertising. In the image below you can see the different landing pages, & number of people who will see them just in UK geo-targeted testing ground.



We aim to cover 2 different sign up methods:

  1. Single short landing pages gathering email addresses designed to give immediate access to info such as freebie downloads, etc, instantly. These can be very handy when you just want to grow a mailing list.
  2. Longer landing pages designed to give much more info to the traffic exchange and social media visitor. These are almost websites in themselves & can drive genuinely interested visitors to your site WITHOUT ruining your site SEO by having your site displayed at traffic exchanges but with little visitor interaction (usually around 0.001%) of TE members.


Combining Statistical Analysis

Using various statistical analysis methods, including Jetpack, Google Analytics, Facebook Stats, etc, we’ll soon be able to see how the degree of traffic exchange visitor traffic & most importantly, visitor interaction & SIGN UPS!!

In addition, we’ll hopefully be able to save a little cash on paid advertising – we might need it for WA’s subscription next month or it’s back down the mines with the kids, eh?

That’ll cheer them up.




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Summing It All Up

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how traffic exchanges can help you test tour adverts & save you money.

As we have seen, using landing pages & traffic exchanges together can be enormously beneficial to any website owners who doesn’t want to use their advertising budget without great care & testing of concepts first.

So, all that’s left is to wish you well in your advertising & branding journeys of discovery.

Good luck from the team and happy Surfing!!


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4 thoughts on “Traffic Exchanges – How To Use Them To Test Landing Pages”

  1. Andre, great site and great blog! I love the topic and it’s one that’s needed. Landing pages play an important role in making an online business and I appreciate how you connected the topics landing pages and traffic exchange together – using traffic exchange to test the effectiveness of the landing page. Thanks for this informative article! I will keep coming back to visit!

    All the best to you,

    1. Hiya, Don – thanks for the compliments…very kind of you.

      Many people don’t realise the power of landing pages – especially when just starting a new website.

      Because they’re simple to set up & use, usually taking an hour or so to create stunning landing pages, they’re much faster to create than a whole website so while a site in under construction it can be very handy to use landing pages to gather subscribers to a new site BEFORE you’ve got the basics of your main website ready.

      Our record using landing pages to gather new subscribers pre-launch of a site is 240 in 4 weeks. That makes an immediate inroad into getting visitor interaction and preparedness for what you’ve got in store for them later.

      Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate, being a brilliant website training platform, has all the necessary training to get landing pages into orbit compared to some of the rubbish ones out there.

      I always remind anyone who wants a decent start online that WA is the place to be & all the support from there is amazingly useful.

      All the very best & thanks again for stopping by, Don.


  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, this is the first time that I have heard of this program it sounds very effective and can do a lot when it comes to ones online success. Must look more at what you are discussing here in your post. thanks again for sharing. Your post is well detailed and will really help your readers.

    1. Hiya, Norman – thanks for popping by & saying Hello.

      Traffic exchanges seem to be a bit of a hidden gem – in the right hands. Sadly, too many traffic exchange surfers get stuck in a merry-go-round & just surf, surf, surf all day long but with little effect.

      It sometimes alarms me to see wanna-be affiliate marketers stuck in a loop they’re too afraid to get out – having been led to think that traffic exchanges in themselves make good affiliate sites to promote. Because surfers just surf all day long they’re often too busy to learn real life affiliate marketing – like we all do at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Whenever anyone uses traffic exchanges it should be for testing ads, BRANDING and getting a name known – not sitting looking ad other peoples’ ads all day for less than a single US dollar.

      Maybe it’s time to teach them something new, eh?

      All the very best & best wishes for your site(s) – Andre

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