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12 Inch Customer Made Hunting Knife


  • Overall 12" Blade Sharp 7"
  • Handle - Antler Brass Guard
  • Damascus Twist Blade Pattern
  • Genuine Custom Made Leather Sheaf

This amazing unique custom made hunting knife is a must for all serious hunters.  Makes the perfect gift for the perfect guy this season.


12 Inch Customer Made Hunting Knife
12 Inch Customer Made Hunting Knife

Beautifully hand crafted Antler handle with brass guard to prevent this stunning knife slipping in your hands!

The back spine is not sharpened.  You can hold it with your fingers, providing a great degree of control.

Genuine custom made leather sheaf.  Perfectly fits every knife to reduce movement within the sheaf!

Forging Blades AG Knives
forging blades AG Knives

The reputation and history of Damascus steel has given rise to many legends, such as the ability to cut through a rifle barrel or to cut a hair falling across the blade!

Ancient Damascus alloys produced chemical reactions in the production process which made Damascus steel blades extraordinary for their time, as Damascus steel is superplastic and very hard at the same time.

During the forging process the patterns vary depending on how the smith works the billet. The billet is drawn out and folded until the desired number of layers are formed.

That's why these unique & stunning hunting knives are so beautiful yet retained their blade sharpness use after use after use - in fact these blades stay sharp for years.

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