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One of the main misconceptions about affiliate marketing is that it takes a long, long time to make your first sale and earn your first income.  This is an incorrect idea that stops many would be affiliate marketers before they get off the drawing board.

While planning any new business or website is a vital component of eventual success it should not prevent you from earning your first cash within an hour of starting your new venture.  You won’t earn a fortune as you start but using traffic exchanges you can earn a few dollars each day that will enable you to pay for your first domain and hosting package.

Your first domain and hosting of up to 3 websites can usually be obtained for about £8 so plan on having the cash in the bank to start your site online within the first month.

We found it takes about a week in anyone’s spare time to earn this kind of amount using easyHits4U and Hungry For Hits traffic exchanges.  Both of these two traffic exchanges have proven themselves to be reliable, helpful, friendly and very professional so do add these to the very top of your list should you decide you would like to SEE YOUR CASH START TO ACCUMULATE TODAY!! 

There Are Thousands Of Traffic Exchanges Waiting To Pay You

The internet is the biggest marketing & sales platform humanity has ever dreamed up and there are literally thousands of traffic exchanges out there – all competing for your attention and adverts.  Each will offer to pay you different rates for surfing and offer different commission structures for new members you bring to them.




Traffic Exchanges Can Work For Branding NOT Sales Of Products

All traffic exchanges allow you to accumulate advertising credits for yourself as you surf – or buy more if you have the cash already.  Let these credits grow at these advertising sites ready for your launch or your own business and much of your branding will be ready to go as soon as you have something professional looking to offer your visitors.

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