How Our Design Services Work

How Our Design Services Work for YOU.

Our design services are created to work for YOU.  We pride ourselves n our experience & complete dedication to all tasks.  

When you place an order with us for our website design services we will contact you by email to arrange the full details of your order.  We will email you a copy of our Client Details Request Form to obtain the following information from you in order to be able to professionally meet all your requirements as needed.


We will need the following information from you when we proceed with your order:


  1. Main Site Details:     – GolbalHomeworkers.Club – our website & company name
  2. Domain Site Name  – – our website domain
  3. Domain Description – bringing dreams to life – our website description tag
  4. Domain Admin Details – admin name & password to access admin areas
  5. Domain Specific Images – any initial website images, (max 5), for front page slider of your new eShop.
  6. Front Page Text & Images – any specific texts & images you may require on website Front Page (max 500 words & can be in different text sections on front page.
  7. Your Facebook details – if preferred for our LIVE 1 to 1 training & installation amendment purposes.



We will need the following information prior to installing any website as these are the very basic details that MUST be supplied to setup any new domain using any domain registration company:

Your Main Details: Company or owner name, email & other contact details to display at website.  (we can setup 2 initiall email addresses at your website, ie, Sales@YourWebsiteName.XXX & Admin@YourWebsiteName.XXX – where XXX is the agreed suffix for your website .com/.org/shop/.club, etc.

Your Website Title:  Title of website which appears at top of all pages.  (Ours is Global Homeworkers Club)

Your Domain Name:  Website address you wish for your website.  (Ours is

Your Domain Description tag:  Website description tag which appears below Website Name. (Ours is Bringing Dreams To Life).

Domain Registration Company Name.  ( You can use ANY domain registration company to register your domain name – we highly recommend as one of the very cheapest but best hosting companies).  If you wish us to register your new domain name using namecheap we will carry out domain name research & verification PRIOR to agreeing domain details to prevent attempting to use a domain that’s already taken.

Client Details Request Form

Once we receive completed Client Details Request Form we will commence the basic installation & development of your new MaxStore eCommerce website.  At this point we will also install SSL security to your eShop for complete customer data protection.

Once your new website has been installed onto our hosting servers, usually within 24 hours, we will open joint administration systems to enable joint development access to both parties for further site development while at the same time protecting your new website from unwanted interference from outside parties or spam.

We will supply you with the following access details:

  • Your Global Homeworkers Club Member & login details including password.
  • Full domain site address for you to check our progress with your new website.
  • Your administration access details & initial password which can be changed at any time by you.
  • Our administration access details & password so that you can amend as needed when website is completed.



Global Homeworkers Club ChatterBoxLIVE Chat Support


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If you have and comments or queries just get in touch using Contact Us page on this site.

We look forward to hearing from you & any success stories you may wish to share with our members.

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