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Hiya, Gang – I’m Bert and I’m your co-host & webmaster’s imaginary friend. Imaginary friends are the greatest folks you could have by your side when you need to check your own sites.

This page is nearly about all of us imaginary friends and what we can do to help YOU. 

We’ll be helping you start your own online business that you can run from home, in your undies if the fancy takes you!!   

From start to finish – concept to marketed product sales – we’re here to help you with our expert website design & management services PLUS online business training with humour, networking, SEO, etc.  

If it can be done from home we can help you to do it!!  


Meet the team



Busy Little Bees Are We

We’re busy little bees all of the time, designing, testing, marketing and improving the rest of this site and your GHClub Member Platform where you’ll be able to do EVERYTHING you’d expect to be able to do when using the best membership sites.

GHClub Join Us NowOn top of that you’ll be able to message each other with great gossip, sound advice or just good old fashioned support.

And this is just the beginning.  We have great plans ahead that we know how to achieve, so do come and join us, wont you?  Bert’s nearly finished all the washing up!!  

You’ll be ever so, ever so, ever so, ever so glad that ya did!!

Stop it, Bert, and behave yourself while I’m chatting!!

I’m ever so, ever so ,ever so and even everer so sorry, Ethel



We’re looking for suppliers to sell their products at our

Global Homeworkers Shop

Global Homeworkers Shop


If you’ve got your own products that you create or manufacture why not let us help you sell them as YOUR affiliates?  

For more details contact Us Here!!

You know it makes sense!!



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If you have and comments or queries just get in touch using Contact Us page on this site.

We look forward to hearing from you & any success stories you may wish to share with our members.


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