Test Your Website

How Well Does Your Site Perform?

Find out using these free online website checkers.

The following websites offer complete performance analysis of any desired website. This is a very important & useful series of tools which help to keep your website page load speeds below 5 seconds as most people do not hang around for more that a few moments for a website to load.

To get the best performance results from your website it may be necessary to use a little trial & error to see which parts of your site or which WordPress plug-ins may be actually slowing your site down.  

Any WordPress plug-in can be simply deactivated from the plug-ins re of your WordPress Dashboard.

The list of resources we come across online increases daily so book mark this page & pop back regularly,.  You never know what useful or amazing free resource we come across next.


Best Website Testers

We use these website testers ourselves.  They’re great to create & test each site as we add either blog engines or shopping cart systems. 

Each can test different aspects of your site using an assortment of testing techniques so you’ll be able to see how plugins perform, page loads, what’s perhaps slowing it down, etc.  Try each one to see for yourself how each can help in a different way.

They can be extremely useful, especially when advertising at traffic exchanges where different display seconds apply.  This way we are able to maximise our traffic exchange advertising.


Checkout our WordPress & Plugins Resource page here

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If you’ve got any fantastic webmaster resources we can add to our list do let us know below.  

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