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Sometimes you come across a few dozen ONCE IN A LIFETIME offers.  Sometimes those ONCE IN A LIFETIME offers turn out to be exactly that…it’ll be the only time in this lifetime that you’ll see that cash again.  Sound familiar to you?

But sometimes, just like that day you saw that fat fairy godmother falling outta that tree ‘coz she shouldn’t have ate all that cake ‘n’ drank all that vodka, sometimes you’ll get 3 wishes.

And sometimes those three wishes turn out to be like the purest of gold and the finest of diamonds.  Like the sweetest of wine and the…. ‘cor, ain’t this nauseating, eh?

Today, my friends, is that day!  Today’s the day that we introduce you to the purest of cyber gold and the finest of cyber diamonds because today’s the day you hear about Wealthy Affiliate.

Today’s the day your fat fairy godmother turns up again.


Fat Fairy Godmothers Don’t Peddle Pipe Dreams

Here at Global Homeworkers.Club we don’t bother letting our fat fairy godmother peddle pipe dreams, we see no point.

Global Homeworkers Club Recommend Wealthy AffiliateThere’s no need to peddle pipe dreams when Wealthy Affiliate helps us bring your dreams to life.  There’s no need for us to waste your precious time or cash when Wealthy Affiliate helps us teach you to earn yourself cash and the professional expertise to make more cash.

This truly is no pipe dream.  This truly is no waste of your time.  Take a look at this website & our sister sites and you’ll instantly see for yourself exactly what we and Wealthy Affiliate can teach you to do for you.  

So give yourself a present and a well earned pat on the back.

If you’re seriously, and we mean seriously with no mucking about and skiving off down the boozer, if you’re that serious then all it remains right now for us to do is to welcome you home to Global Homeworkers Club & Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate – A Fat Fairy Godmother’s Dream  

Here the proof of the pudding comes before any silliness or time wasting because when you want to earn an income online we prove the pudding is so well worth the eating you’ll be drooling when you see what’s on offer here right now.


The Poof Is In The Pudding

So take a good look at the proof of our combined puddings below – before our fat fairy godmother scoffs that too…


Wealthy Affiliate – How To Get FREE WordPress Training

The following Wealthy Affiliate FREE Training pages are available

to all free members of  Wealthy Affiliate at the WA site


Getting Started OverviewGetting RollingMake MoneyWhat's My Niche?Building Your Own WebsiteGetting Your Site Ready for SEOContent Ideas from KeywordsCreating 1st 3 PagesCreating Quality ContentSunny Days A Head

Training In Action

Reeeeally cool, huh?

Now let’s see what Wealthy Affiliate training and a great deal of hard, dedicated work can achieve for FREE members.


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Dreams Do Come True

Honestly.  Have you ever seen the like of what’s on offer to you right here and right now?

Has anyone ever delivered on their promise before they’ve even made it?  That doesn’t happen, does it?

Remember the fat fairy godmother who’s just woken up from her vodka?  Well, she says “Hi” and is waving her magic wand right now.  The reason?


Fat Fairy Godmother, Maureen

Our Fat Fairy Godmother’s called Maureen and she helps us out here at the club.  

She says all our imaginary friends here will spring instantly to life and wake your’s up again the moment you join us here AND Wealthy Affiliate.  

Truly, the moment you join us both – or either of us – we become your mentors and guides.


GHClub LIVE 1 to 1 TrainingMentors and Guides

Real guides, not the sort of idiots who don’t know their left from their right but pretend they do, like many so-called affiliate marketing training sites.

Mentors and guides instruct their friends as they travel along the journey and that’s how our 35 years in this industry will suddenly spring into real life to mentor and guide you.  


We Are Your Friends

Do come and join us now here at Global Homeworkers Club and at Wealthy affiliate.  Today is the day your affiliate marketing journey really begins.  It’s the day you’ve arrived home and now a golden sun is shining.  

The larks are in the trees and the lambs are off to become chops or mince depending upon their chosen niche.  

We prefer lovely roasted ones with all the trimmings here at Global Homeworkers Club but we’ll eat just about anything when we get back from the pub.


Your First Wish

Your First wish will be granted when you join BOTH Global Homeworkers Club & Wealthy Affiliate because we can then help your dreams to come alive, starting RIGHT NOW!!


GHClub Your Guides And Mentors


Global Homeworkers Club Wealthy Affiliate University Banner 64560


If you’ve joined us your magical journey into the wonderful and amazing world of affiliate marketing has already begun.  A golden sunny new day for you has dawned.

So hold on to your seat ….. your fat fairy godmother’s here and your bright new future has started today.  

But do wait until the pub’s shut, eh?





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    1. Hiya, Dee – wow some-one read it!!! Thanks a kerbillion.

      My niche is creative writing really – I sell me services on eBay for a giggle, but since I come from an eCommerce & marketing background and since WA is so very, very, very, very, very, very, very good they’re getting the treatment now (lol).

      Kyle ‘n’ Carson over at WA Central Command Bunker (their local pub & I dunno where that link goes,) they want people to sell loads stuff and then they’ll pay for some hussie called Lass Vegas to come ‘n’ fleece ya in America out in the desert so the cops can’t see wot they’re up to!!

      They must be raking it in ‘coz all the blokes at WA wanna met this Lass Vegas and try out her charms, the dirty little mare, eh?

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